Use OpenConnect client to Link TAMU VPN

OpenConnect is the free software with GNU LGPL v2.1. It’s the alternative method to connect to AnyConnect VPN if the user can’t use the Cisco VPN client software, or prefer to use the free software. We can get the access for TAMU VPN and connect to the HPRC (High-Performance Research Computer) by the following method.

1 Connect to TAMU VPN

Active the TUN module

sudo /sbin/modprobe tun

Install OpenConnect

sudo apt-get install openconnect

Connect to VPN by running

sudo openconnect

After seeing the below message,
enter the GROUP name: tunnel_all_traffic,
then type the username (netID) and password

Attempting to connect to server
SSL negotiation with
Connected to HTTPS on
XML POST enabled
Please enter your username and password.
GROUP: [tunnel_all_traffic|tunnel_tamu_traffic]:

2 Connect to Ada cluster

Open the new terminal and type

ssh <username>

Enter the password to login to Ada cluster

Tip: To stop the VPN connection, simply press Ctrl+Z or Ctrl+C in the terminal.


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